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Certificate of Sponsorship

Demystifying the Certificate of Sponsorship: Your Key to UK Visa Sponsorship

In the complex world of UK visa sponsorship, the Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) plays a crucial role. Let’s break down what it is, its purpose, and how it fits into the sponsorship process. 

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What is a Certificate of Sponsorship?

Think of it as an electronic authorisation granted by a licensed UK business to a specific individual. It confirms that the business meets the sponsorship criteria and intends to sponsor the individual for a particular visa under their licence.  

Who needs a CoS?

Any individual applying for certain UK visas under sponsorship requires a CoS. This includes popular categories like: 

  • Skilled Worker visa (Tier 2) 
  • Senior or Specialist Worker visa 
  • Intra-Company Transfer visa 
  • Sportsperson visa 
Certificate of Sponsorship Visa
Certificate of Sponsorships

How does it work?

  1. The sponsoring business applies for and obtains a Sponsorship Licence. 
  2. Once licensed, they identify a suitable candidate and offer sponsorship. 
  3. The business assigns a CoS to the individual through the Sponsorship Management System (SMS). 
  4. The individual uses the unique CoS reference number in their visa application. 
  5. The Home Office verifies the CoS validity and considers the application based on visa requirements. 

Why is it important?

The CoS acts as a bridge between the sponsor and the applicant, proving the sponsorship arrangement and allowing the visa application to proceed. It carries crucial information like the job details, salary, and sponsor licence number, all vital for the Home Office assessment. 

Key points to remember:

  • Only licensed businesses can issue CoSs. 
  • Each CoS has a validity period (usually 3 months). 
  • The onus lies on the sponsor to ensure the CoS details are accurate and compliant. 
  • Misusing CoSs can lead to penalties for both the business and the individual. . 

Seeking a Sponsorship Licence or CoS assistance?

Navigating the complexities of sponsorship licences and CoSs can be challenging. Consider seeking guidance from immigration specialists like BPA Immigration Lawyers who can: 

  • Assess your eligibility for sponsorship. 
  • Help you acquire a Sponsorship Licence. 
  • Assist with CoS issuance and ensure compliance. 
  • Provide expert advice throughout the visa application process. 

By understanding the Certificate of Sponsorship and its role, you can take informed decisions and advance your business goals through successful UK visa sponsorships. 

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